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simple, lineless digital drawing of a red and white radish over a dull teal background. it has a small green stem and has pixel art sunglasses edited on

click for names and pronouns | asian, <18, gentile, able-bodied/nt, tme, perisex

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ED/thinspo blog, NSFW blog, discourse blog, lgbtq+ exclusionist (aphobes, anti-pan, anti-bi, anti-microlabels, anti-neos, and so on)

if somebody is on this list and i notice, i will block/soft-block!

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an additional note: i do not tag for the "q slur" so if you need that tagged i recommend you don't follow me

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over 25yos, stranger things fan, yoi!!! fan, mha fan, hq!! fan, white kpop blog

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  • #so irrelevant like so so irrelevant - rambles, unimportant

  • #music.(?!) - music tag

  • #radoodles - art tag

  • #ids - image descriptions i've written

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other notes

  • dms open, but shoot me an ask first if we haven’t interacted much (asks always welcome)

  • if you send me an ask or tag me in something with media, please try to include a description (find one in the notes or write your own) this is not required but very much preferred

  • i tag undescribed posts as #no id, alt text as #id in alt text, and posts where the image is functionally described without an “official” description as #described in context

  • i tag common triggers and things i have been asked to tag as #[trigger] or #[trigger] mention ; please let me know if i forget or you need something specific tagged!

  • i soft-block followers not super frequently, but enough to mention. it's usually not personal, it just freaks me out if i have too many

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  • cults; including jokes/mentions (#cult and/or #cult mention preferred)

  • eyestrain/bright colors (#eyestrain, #eye strain, and/or #bright colors preferred)

  • photos/videos/etc of real hands (#hands, #human hand, and/or #real hand preferred)

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